Our Expertise

At Southernature, we understand that every customer is different and has very specific needs. That is why we provide only the highest quality products for a wide range of dietary requirements. Discover our various areas of expertise.

IFOS Certified Fish Oil

Our IFOS Certified Fish Oil range is a great source of essential fatty acids. Formulated with varying concentrations and ratios of EPA and DHA to support the need and development of the whole family.

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Halal Certified

Southernature products with a Halal logo can be consumed by the Muslim community in accordance with Islamic law. We use only raw materials and gelatin/vegetable capsules which are manufactured in compliance with the Sharia law.

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At Southernature, our Vegan-Friendly products remain free from all animal-derived products and dairy extracts, whilst ensuring lost minerals and vitamins are supplemented.

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We assure our customers that all Southernature products labeled with our Vegetarian-Friendly logo are truly vegetarian-friendly.

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